Session 12

Session 12

Josh, Norman, Steve, Mike, Alex


We venture into the last area as yet unexplored in the ruins. We come to a room with two large statues of crouching dragons. In the entry into another area are 4 cherubic statues with vases over their heads. Suddenly the sword weilding statue comes to life and swings it's sword in a deadly arc and a trap is set off, we blast the sword weilding statue to rubble and Iolas sneaks forward and tries to untrap the dragon statue but fails. Salas goes into the hallway with the cherub statues, a magical wall popped up and a deluge comes from the vases the statues are carrying. Salas managed to disable the statues. We make it into the next room which is completely dark beyond our light projecting objects we carry with us. the room is strewn with rotting flesh, some of it hanging from the ceiling, we engage several nasty looking undead that shamble towards us. We defeat the undead.

We find 176 gp and a bag of holding.

We put off an upcoming big battle for next time.

Session 11

Session 11

Patrick, Mike, Norman, Josh, Alex

 Zacahary makes god's cry

Finishing the battle that spilled over from the previous adventure…

We find:

380 gp

+1 Viscious Dagger

 We decide to continue to the west through a set of double doors. We search for traps but find nothing and we continue around a corner and find a set of double doors with "closed" written in crude common on planks nailed to a door. We heed not such warnings and tore the planks off the door allowing us entry. Ben notices that the corridor is unnaturally clean, not even dust is on the floor. Ben decides it must be an ooze and Izzet concurs. They form a plan where Izzet will use mage hand to explore forward and Ben will guard him until the monster's position can be ascertained. Unfortunately, the duo literally step in it and the ooze begins an assault! 

We manage to kill the ooze from the inside and not a moment too soon!  We explore a little further ahead and see nothing so decide it is safe to rest back in the warchief's room. We return to the ooze's area and explore futher ahead. We enter a room with 4 sarcoffigi and Iolas, Salas, and Ben force open one of the sarcoffigi and we find a zombie which we kill. We open another sarcoffigi and another zombie springs forth! It too dies, we force open a door with our presistent lock picking. We find a chamber which is empty save a chest.

Drizzten-Keegan is inscribed on an amulet with "Shenuan Keegan" on the other side. There's a few other personal items of little consequences which we take to bury the other personal items in town. We find a magical safewing amulet which reduces fall damage and allows one to land safely. The end.

Session 10

Session 10

Patrick, Mike, Steve, Norman, Josh, Alex


We go back and search the bodies finding 10 gp and 27 sp in the carnage. We march to the south and when we reach an opening we send Iolas forward to scout. Finding nothing immediately we return to our original location and head west. We find a door which Ben opens and it leads to a hallway in which an hobgoblin shouts an alarm starting the battle.

We find 10 gold and 47 sp.

We leave the area we discover is a barracks to continue exploring. As we continue exploring the area we come to a room with a table and a number of chairs there are a number of crates in the corner. We all set ourselves into position in case there is anything nasty in there. Izzet blasts the crates, and the doors burst open and enemies (including a commander) rush forward!

The battle was exceptionally tough but we manage to kill our adversaries and find…

Session 9

Session 9

Alex, Mike, Josh, Steve, Patrick

 Pot, I'd like you to meet kettle


We find ourselves confronted with two Bens.  We resolve the mystery of the Brother Bens, and discover the truth of Zachary's form. We decide to go and return to the keep, we are not attacked by bears. We walk till night falls and we setup camp and go with our standard sleeping order. The next day we arrive at the keep. We approach the keep and Zachary switches to appear like Ninneran and we all feel as if we're being watched. We return to the areas where we were complused onto a certain pathway. We say the magic password and are able to continue on. Zachary sees and hears ghostly sounds. We come to a secret door and despite a lot of trying we cannot make it through the door via lock picking, thunderwave, eldritch blasts, and using Salas as a battering ram. We explore the rest of this region and find our way back to the door. We have Corbin flick some blood on the door which makes the script appear. Corbin cuts his arm and presses it to the door, the door drains a bit of life from him and opens inward. We find a coffin and try to open the lid. The lid explodes into dust and a Skeleton appears and starts talking to Corbin. Corbin tells him about the book and that the company does not exis. The skeleton tests us all individually and we must have passed his test since he lowers his weapon and seems to calm down. The skeleton wasn't there when the rift was sealed but his duty is to keep the rift closed. He reveals he was the commander here and he was cursed to protect the rift and keep it closed for all time. He tells us to check the area above the secret door which leads to the armory. He informs us that his curse has blinded us and that a touch of his sword will cure the curse although we feel no different. Sir Keegan is very bummed and leaves us with his magical sword and returns to his sleep. We make our way into the armory and at first glance it appears empty but first we hear a noise and we discover a shimmery effect along the back wall. Ben charges through the back wall and is confronted with 4 zombies!

 We kill them and find two weapon racks and a helm and some armor. A deep booming voice from within the plated helm.

"A wonderous treasure valued by all, sought by many, found in both victory and defeat, but never found in a treasure chest, it marches before you like a herald and lives long after you are defeated. "

We say "fame" and the ragged armor on the stand transforms into "black iron" plate armor +1. After leaving the armory we find the stairwell down that was hidden to our eyes by the curse. We descend the stair and are confronted by hobgoblins and a spider.

Session 8

Session 8

Steve, Josh, Norm, Alex, Mike

What what in the butt

 Zachary touches the door and gets a chill. The door is locked (which we couldn't pick) and is immune to almost everything we throw at it. Zachary uses Sacred Flame and it causes a hidden script to appear. The script says:

"This is my final resting place, may the platinum dragon forgive me. One of my blood can set me free."

We decide to return to the "terror symbol" and continue our explorations in that direction. We try to go in a new direction but something prevents us from going where we want to in fact it leads us out of the keep. We are now under the assumption that we are forced to "find one of 'his' blood (loin fruit)" by a geas or something. So we go back to town and the gates are locked because the town was attacked by the undead we find that some hapless adventurer went after them and james and other townsfolk have been taken. We make our way toward the graveyard.

We come to the graveyard gate and we can see that there is some disturbed ground. There is a sickly blue glow near the largest mausoleum. We try to use ghost sound to try and draw out any zombies. Zachary rushes ahead alone and suddenly many skeletons appear along with rotting dogs. We destroy our enemies and meet a new face, a warlord who helped us in battle and we accept him into our group. We find:


12 longswords

12 shortbows



message on vellum


We disable the circle and the skeleton's remains crumble. There was a note:


"I recieved your report on the adventurers

Kill them next time you see them

Use the blood of ten innocents plus this elixir and it will supply you with a fighting force

I am almost done with the ritual see that i am not interrupted.

The pass code to the second level of the tomb is: 'From the ground some magic was found.'

- Callerell" (he also signed the note that the kobolds had)


We find the villagers and James. We find nearly invisible moving strange markings on him and he looks 23 now. The markings shift, there's a shifting aura. We return with the saved villagers and tell the lord mayor that Ninneran was the traitor he is perturbed but thanks us and asks if any more undead will be coming from the graveyar. We say no and return James and his sister to the inn. We rest the night and plan to make our way back to the Keep the next day. The sage told us there was a tragedy that happened to Sir Keegan (lord of the keep). Zachary says blasphemous things to the sage and he won't talk to us no more.

Session 7

Session 7

Alex, Josh, Norm, Mike

Session 3's arguement will never die…


We return to the site of our first battle and find the double doors near the coffins undisturbed. We open the door after checking it for traps to a very dark stairwell and pitch black passageways beyond. Izzet has the bright idea to cast light on a rock and fling it far ahead of us so enemies may be attracted to it while we're safe in the darkness beyond. After a bit of exploring in this fashion we find a symbol on the ground which has 3 bull's heads, two arrows crossed, a hand, and an infinity symbol. We detect magic on the symbol and it looks like it can be set off but Izzet's mage hand doesn't effect it. So Salas decides to take matters into his own hand and step on the symbol. We set off a piercing alarm that deals necrotic damage us and forces the party to panic! We race back towards the stairs that we entered from and stumble into a swarm of zombies (see below)! The paniac wears off in time for the encounter and Izzet flings a force orb at several zombie minions up front and hits all of them, shredding them in and explosion of force and shrapnel, but that is only the beginning of the battle. We find no treasure sadly but the tatters of clothing indicate some old uniform style which probably was the uniform of the guards of the keep in ages past. 

We explore a little further into a room with 3 stone sarcofigai which have the images of human warroirs emblazoned on the lids. We can't see all the way down this large room. Izzet uses "Comprehend Language" with Zachary assisting in performing the ritual to discover that the sarcoffigai all say something to the effect of "May [insert name here]'s soul be protected for all eternity by the Platinum Dragon". Salas' torch and Izzet's lit want cannot show us the full length of the room but we see a glow at the far end in the darkness. Salas ventures forth to investigate while Izzet continues to read the sarcoffigai. In so doing Salas sets off a trap and all of the sarcoffigai's lids break apart and fly outward causing zombie warriors to arise and attack us! Fortunately despite being nearly overwhelmed the party got off a few well timed hits at critical points in the battle and the zombies were destroyed.


We decide to nuke sarcofigai to destroy the aura which Salas used his eldritch might to accomplish. Zachary and Izzet go to check out the other end of the room we find altars written in the same text as the sarcoffigai. They indicate that prayer will destroy the aura. Zachary does so and the aura is destroyed! Salas uses detect magic and Izzet and Zachary assist allowing Salas to notice a magical field through the stone of the altar and shortly thereafter the secret compartment which held:

Statues of Bahamut  (6)

We call it a night and the party takes an extended rest.

Session 6

Session 6

"But mommmm, tonight is my D&D night"

Mike, Norman, Josh, Alex

When we begin we explore the area a little more thoroughly now that are foes are dead. We find a goblin captive in a cage named "Splug". We talk to Splug for a little bit and while we sense he's not being entirely honest with us we don't think he is out to harm us. He offers to help us through a secret passage into "Balgrun"s room. Balgrun seems to be a rotund goblin general or chief. Before we go off Izzet inquires about any traps down that hall and Splug claims there are some and that he will help us avoid them. We go to that passage way and Splug does indeed reveal a hidden passage but when he tries to point out traps Ioalas and Salas both try to verify their existance and with good rolls fail to do so. In fact stepping on that square does not set off anything at all. We're a bit confused why he would lie about such things but he simply may not know better.

True to his word Splug leads us to Balgrun's bed chamber area, we found Balgrun sleeping but his bed was behind an area enclosed in curtains. Balgrun looked pretty hearty so we decided to have Salas and Ioalas attack him while he was helpless and Zach and Izzet guard their backs in case goblins rushed in. Unfortunately Zachary tripped and made some noise which woke Balgrun and caused his gaurd to run off screaming. Izzet darted from behind the curtain and tried to slow the fleeing guard but missed with his Ray of Frost. Meanwhile Salas and Ioalas attacked Balgrun, after a surprise assualt he begged for his life but was killed by Ioalas. After killing Balgrun we quickly set up a perimeter expecting a goblin retaliation, after some time passes, we relax a moment and scout the direction after that goblin guard who ran off. It looked like the other goblins in that area evacuated when their leader was under attack, wise and not entirely unexpected, but a bit dissapointing. we loot Balgrun and find a key which opens the chest beside his bed. The chest contains

500 gp (i think)

+1 wand (went to Izzet)

We were about to go back and exlpore from the main area when we heard some sounds coming from an area unexplored. We entered and found a room with several goblins digging pits and two large drakes. We attacked the goblins and drakes and had a great deal of difficulty crossing wooden planks spanning the 10 foot pits in the room. We dispatch many of the goblins and both drakes with little difficulty but were forced into a dangerous game (in our weakened state) of cat and mouse with the remaining crossbow sharpshooter. After we compiled our loot findings:

22 gp

Rod of Dark Reward +1  (went to Salas)

Session 5 - The Ruins on Shadowfell

Session 5

Norman, Mike, Josh, Patrick, Alex

We fight over whether to go to the keep or to save the archaelogist, then Ben speaks up and decides that the priority is to stop Orcus and storm the keep. Ben goes to Lenora to seek guidance in the issue of Archaelogist vs the Keep and Lenora tells he about the cult of Orcus and she agress they need to be stopped and we decide to send an animal message to Terrell. We send a quick apology and assessment of the danger and tell him we will try to help him later when we are finished and send a squirrell to find Terrell. Then we hurry to Keep but can't make it all the way there in one day so we rest and then  set up a watch for the night. The next morning we wake up and find a "small bundle" next to the fire. We believe in the night that Terrell provided us with embrodiered patches representative of each of us, although no one saw who delivered the package. We continue on in a hurry but try to remain aware of our surroundings. As we approach the keep we notice that there's a little  less wildlife than we are used to in the wilderness. We enter a clearing that used to be where the keep stood. The ground is barren and the plantlife that encircles the clearing has not spread any further. Rubble and rock are scattered throughout the clearing making much of the area difficult to traverse at the least. We see obvious signs of tampering, in the existance of a small path cleared through the rubble. Ben leads and the path ends at a staircase descending deeper into the earth. The closer we approached to the staircase the more abysmal the surroundings become, and colors lose their color. Before entering Izzet casts a light on Ben's sheild to light the path before him and so that as he uses it to light our path it will also protect him from pot shots.

Shortly after decsending the stairs we come to a fourway passage. Our entrance alarms a goblin who races further down the passageway ahead of us gibbering in Goblin. Zachary snaps into action races forward to silence the goblin but falls into a fifteen foot pit filled with a swarm of rats. We rescue Zachary and then race after the goblin, combat ensues… Our goblin opponents

We survive the skirmish alive, but a bit battered and we try to rest in a corner using two old coffins for cover. During our rest Salas thinks he hear a baby crying and we go to investigate back the way we came. Having learned our lesson from the rat filled pit we tread more carefully checking for traps along the way. We find a room where there are multiple human (or at least humanoid) prisoners and we are presented with multiple javelin slinging and crossbowyer goblins and a hobgoblin leader, we choose to target the hobgoblin first since he seems tougher than the others, Ben and Ioalas engage our foes first backed by an icy lance from Izzet!

The hobgoblin leader 

 We manage to kill the Hobgoblin and his sharpshooters. A quick search reveals a key, which unlocks the cage of a goblin prisoner. The party feels more capable after this tussle. 


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