Session 10

Session 10

Patrick, Mike, Steve, Norman, Josh, Alex


We go back and search the bodies finding 10 gp and 27 sp in the carnage. We march to the south and when we reach an opening we send Iolas forward to scout. Finding nothing immediately we return to our original location and head west. We find a door which Ben opens and it leads to a hallway in which an hobgoblin shouts an alarm starting the battle.

We find 10 gold and 47 sp.

We leave the area we discover is a barracks to continue exploring. As we continue exploring the area we come to a room with a table and a number of chairs there are a number of crates in the corner. We all set ourselves into position in case there is anything nasty in there. Izzet blasts the crates, and the doors burst open and enemies (including a commander) rush forward!

The battle was exceptionally tough but we manage to kill our adversaries and find…



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