Session 11

Session 11

Patrick, Mike, Norman, Josh, Alex

 Zacahary makes god's cry

Finishing the battle that spilled over from the previous adventure…

We find:

380 gp

+1 Viscious Dagger

 We decide to continue to the west through a set of double doors. We search for traps but find nothing and we continue around a corner and find a set of double doors with "closed" written in crude common on planks nailed to a door. We heed not such warnings and tore the planks off the door allowing us entry. Ben notices that the corridor is unnaturally clean, not even dust is on the floor. Ben decides it must be an ooze and Izzet concurs. They form a plan where Izzet will use mage hand to explore forward and Ben will guard him until the monster's position can be ascertained. Unfortunately, the duo literally step in it and the ooze begins an assault! 

We manage to kill the ooze from the inside and not a moment too soon!  We explore a little further ahead and see nothing so decide it is safe to rest back in the warchief's room. We return to the ooze's area and explore futher ahead. We enter a room with 4 sarcoffigi and Iolas, Salas, and Ben force open one of the sarcoffigi and we find a zombie which we kill. We open another sarcoffigi and another zombie springs forth! It too dies, we force open a door with our presistent lock picking. We find a chamber which is empty save a chest.

Drizzten-Keegan is inscribed on an amulet with "Shenuan Keegan" on the other side. There's a few other personal items of little consequences which we take to bury the other personal items in town. We find a magical safewing amulet which reduces fall damage and allows one to land safely. The end.



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