Session 12

Session 12

Josh, Norman, Steve, Mike, Alex


We venture into the last area as yet unexplored in the ruins. We come to a room with two large statues of crouching dragons. In the entry into another area are 4 cherubic statues with vases over their heads. Suddenly the sword weilding statue comes to life and swings it's sword in a deadly arc and a trap is set off, we blast the sword weilding statue to rubble and Iolas sneaks forward and tries to untrap the dragon statue but fails. Salas goes into the hallway with the cherub statues, a magical wall popped up and a deluge comes from the vases the statues are carrying. Salas managed to disable the statues. We make it into the next room which is completely dark beyond our light projecting objects we carry with us. the room is strewn with rotting flesh, some of it hanging from the ceiling, we engage several nasty looking undead that shamble towards us. We defeat the undead.

We find 176 gp and a bag of holding.

We put off an upcoming big battle for next time.



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