Session 5 - The Ruins on Shadowfell

Session 5

Norman, Mike, Josh, Patrick, Alex

We fight over whether to go to the keep or to save the archaelogist, then Ben speaks up and decides that the priority is to stop Orcus and storm the keep. Ben goes to Lenora to seek guidance in the issue of Archaelogist vs the Keep and Lenora tells he about the cult of Orcus and she agress they need to be stopped and we decide to send an animal message to Terrell. We send a quick apology and assessment of the danger and tell him we will try to help him later when we are finished and send a squirrell to find Terrell. Then we hurry to Keep but can't make it all the way there in one day so we rest and then  set up a watch for the night. The next morning we wake up and find a "small bundle" next to the fire. We believe in the night that Terrell provided us with embrodiered patches representative of each of us, although no one saw who delivered the package. We continue on in a hurry but try to remain aware of our surroundings. As we approach the keep we notice that there's a little  less wildlife than we are used to in the wilderness. We enter a clearing that used to be where the keep stood. The ground is barren and the plantlife that encircles the clearing has not spread any further. Rubble and rock are scattered throughout the clearing making much of the area difficult to traverse at the least. We see obvious signs of tampering, in the existance of a small path cleared through the rubble. Ben leads and the path ends at a staircase descending deeper into the earth. The closer we approached to the staircase the more abysmal the surroundings become, and colors lose their color. Before entering Izzet casts a light on Ben's sheild to light the path before him and so that as he uses it to light our path it will also protect him from pot shots.

Shortly after decsending the stairs we come to a fourway passage. Our entrance alarms a goblin who races further down the passageway ahead of us gibbering in Goblin. Zachary snaps into action races forward to silence the goblin but falls into a fifteen foot pit filled with a swarm of rats. We rescue Zachary and then race after the goblin, combat ensues… Our goblin opponents

We survive the skirmish alive, but a bit battered and we try to rest in a corner using two old coffins for cover. During our rest Salas thinks he hear a baby crying and we go to investigate back the way we came. Having learned our lesson from the rat filled pit we tread more carefully checking for traps along the way. We find a room where there are multiple human (or at least humanoid) prisoners and we are presented with multiple javelin slinging and crossbowyer goblins and a hobgoblin leader, we choose to target the hobgoblin first since he seems tougher than the others, Ben and Ioalas engage our foes first backed by an icy lance from Izzet!

The hobgoblin leader 

 We manage to kill the Hobgoblin and his sharpshooters. A quick search reveals a key, which unlocks the cage of a goblin prisoner. The party feels more capable after this tussle. 



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