Session 6

Session 6

"But mommmm, tonight is my D&D night"

Mike, Norman, Josh, Alex

When we begin we explore the area a little more thoroughly now that are foes are dead. We find a goblin captive in a cage named "Splug". We talk to Splug for a little bit and while we sense he's not being entirely honest with us we don't think he is out to harm us. He offers to help us through a secret passage into "Balgrun"s room. Balgrun seems to be a rotund goblin general or chief. Before we go off Izzet inquires about any traps down that hall and Splug claims there are some and that he will help us avoid them. We go to that passage way and Splug does indeed reveal a hidden passage but when he tries to point out traps Ioalas and Salas both try to verify their existance and with good rolls fail to do so. In fact stepping on that square does not set off anything at all. We're a bit confused why he would lie about such things but he simply may not know better.

True to his word Splug leads us to Balgrun's bed chamber area, we found Balgrun sleeping but his bed was behind an area enclosed in curtains. Balgrun looked pretty hearty so we decided to have Salas and Ioalas attack him while he was helpless and Zach and Izzet guard their backs in case goblins rushed in. Unfortunately Zachary tripped and made some noise which woke Balgrun and caused his gaurd to run off screaming. Izzet darted from behind the curtain and tried to slow the fleeing guard but missed with his Ray of Frost. Meanwhile Salas and Ioalas attacked Balgrun, after a surprise assualt he begged for his life but was killed by Ioalas. After killing Balgrun we quickly set up a perimeter expecting a goblin retaliation, after some time passes, we relax a moment and scout the direction after that goblin guard who ran off. It looked like the other goblins in that area evacuated when their leader was under attack, wise and not entirely unexpected, but a bit dissapointing. we loot Balgrun and find a key which opens the chest beside his bed. The chest contains

500 gp (i think)

+1 wand (went to Izzet)

We were about to go back and exlpore from the main area when we heard some sounds coming from an area unexplored. We entered and found a room with several goblins digging pits and two large drakes. We attacked the goblins and drakes and had a great deal of difficulty crossing wooden planks spanning the 10 foot pits in the room. We dispatch many of the goblins and both drakes with little difficulty but were forced into a dangerous game (in our weakened state) of cat and mouse with the remaining crossbow sharpshooter. After we compiled our loot findings:

22 gp

Rod of Dark Reward +1  (went to Salas)



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