Session 7

Alex, Josh, Norm, Mike

Session 3's arguement will never die…


We return to the site of our first battle and find the double doors near the coffins undisturbed. We open the door after checking it for traps to a very dark stairwell and pitch black passageways beyond. Izzet has the bright idea to cast light on a rock and fling it far ahead of us so enemies may be attracted to it while we're safe in the darkness beyond. After a bit of exploring in this fashion we find a symbol on the ground which has 3 bull's heads, two arrows crossed, a hand, and an infinity symbol. We detect magic on the symbol and it looks like it can be set off but Izzet's mage hand doesn't effect it. So Salas decides to take matters into his own hand and step on the symbol. We set off a piercing alarm that deals necrotic damage us and forces the party to panic! We race back towards the stairs that we entered from and stumble into a swarm of zombies (see below)! The paniac wears off in time for the encounter and Izzet flings a force orb at several zombie minions up front and hits all of them, shredding them in and explosion of force and shrapnel, but that is only the beginning of the battle. We find no treasure sadly but the tatters of clothing indicate some old uniform style which probably was the uniform of the guards of the keep in ages past. 

We explore a little further into a room with 3 stone sarcofigai which have the images of human warroirs emblazoned on the lids. We can't see all the way down this large room. Izzet uses "Comprehend Language" with Zachary assisting in performing the ritual to discover that the sarcoffigai all say something to the effect of "May [insert name here]'s soul be protected for all eternity by the Platinum Dragon". Salas' torch and Izzet's lit want cannot show us the full length of the room but we see a glow at the far end in the darkness. Salas ventures forth to investigate while Izzet continues to read the sarcoffigai. In so doing Salas sets off a trap and all of the sarcoffigai's lids break apart and fly outward causing zombie warriors to arise and attack us! Fortunately despite being nearly overwhelmed the party got off a few well timed hits at critical points in the battle and the zombies were destroyed.


We decide to nuke sarcofigai to destroy the aura which Salas used his eldritch might to accomplish. Zachary and Izzet go to check out the other end of the room we find altars written in the same text as the sarcoffigai. They indicate that prayer will destroy the aura. Zachary does so and the aura is destroyed! Salas uses detect magic and Izzet and Zachary assist allowing Salas to notice a magical field through the stone of the altar and shortly thereafter the secret compartment which held:

Statues of Bahamut  (6)

We call it a night and the party takes an extended rest.



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