Session 8

Session 8

Steve, Josh, Norm, Alex, Mike

What what in the butt

 Zachary touches the door and gets a chill. The door is locked (which we couldn't pick) and is immune to almost everything we throw at it. Zachary uses Sacred Flame and it causes a hidden script to appear. The script says:

"This is my final resting place, may the platinum dragon forgive me. One of my blood can set me free."

We decide to return to the "terror symbol" and continue our explorations in that direction. We try to go in a new direction but something prevents us from going where we want to in fact it leads us out of the keep. We are now under the assumption that we are forced to "find one of 'his' blood (loin fruit)" by a geas or something. So we go back to town and the gates are locked because the town was attacked by the undead we find that some hapless adventurer went after them and james and other townsfolk have been taken. We make our way toward the graveyard.

We come to the graveyard gate and we can see that there is some disturbed ground. There is a sickly blue glow near the largest mausoleum. We try to use ghost sound to try and draw out any zombies. Zachary rushes ahead alone and suddenly many skeletons appear along with rotting dogs. We destroy our enemies and meet a new face, a warlord who helped us in battle and we accept him into our group. We find:


12 longswords

12 shortbows



message on vellum


We disable the circle and the skeleton's remains crumble. There was a note:


"I recieved your report on the adventurers

Kill them next time you see them

Use the blood of ten innocents plus this elixir and it will supply you with a fighting force

I am almost done with the ritual see that i am not interrupted.

The pass code to the second level of the tomb is: 'From the ground some magic was found.'

- Callerell" (he also signed the note that the kobolds had)


We find the villagers and James. We find nearly invisible moving strange markings on him and he looks 23 now. The markings shift, there's a shifting aura. We return with the saved villagers and tell the lord mayor that Ninneran was the traitor he is perturbed but thanks us and asks if any more undead will be coming from the graveyar. We say no and return James and his sister to the inn. We rest the night and plan to make our way back to the Keep the next day. The sage told us there was a tragedy that happened to Sir Keegan (lord of the keep). Zachary says blasphemous things to the sage and he won't talk to us no more.



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