Session 9

Session 9

Alex, Mike, Josh, Steve, Patrick

 Pot, I'd like you to meet kettle


We find ourselves confronted with two Bens.  We resolve the mystery of the Brother Bens, and discover the truth of Zachary's form. We decide to go and return to the keep, we are not attacked by bears. We walk till night falls and we setup camp and go with our standard sleeping order. The next day we arrive at the keep. We approach the keep and Zachary switches to appear like Ninneran and we all feel as if we're being watched. We return to the areas where we were complused onto a certain pathway. We say the magic password and are able to continue on. Zachary sees and hears ghostly sounds. We come to a secret door and despite a lot of trying we cannot make it through the door via lock picking, thunderwave, eldritch blasts, and using Salas as a battering ram. We explore the rest of this region and find our way back to the door. We have Corbin flick some blood on the door which makes the script appear. Corbin cuts his arm and presses it to the door, the door drains a bit of life from him and opens inward. We find a coffin and try to open the lid. The lid explodes into dust and a Skeleton appears and starts talking to Corbin. Corbin tells him about the book and that the company does not exis. The skeleton tests us all individually and we must have passed his test since he lowers his weapon and seems to calm down. The skeleton wasn't there when the rift was sealed but his duty is to keep the rift closed. He reveals he was the commander here and he was cursed to protect the rift and keep it closed for all time. He tells us to check the area above the secret door which leads to the armory. He informs us that his curse has blinded us and that a touch of his sword will cure the curse although we feel no different. Sir Keegan is very bummed and leaves us with his magical sword and returns to his sleep. We make our way into the armory and at first glance it appears empty but first we hear a noise and we discover a shimmery effect along the back wall. Ben charges through the back wall and is confronted with 4 zombies!

 We kill them and find two weapon racks and a helm and some armor. A deep booming voice from within the plated helm.

"A wonderous treasure valued by all, sought by many, found in both victory and defeat, but never found in a treasure chest, it marches before you like a herald and lives long after you are defeated. "

We say "fame" and the ragged armor on the stand transforms into "black iron" plate armor +1. After leaving the armory we find the stairwell down that was hidden to our eyes by the curse. We descend the stair and are confronted by hobgoblins and a spider.



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