Izzet is an Eladrin wizard who specializes in cold and acid


Name: Izzet


Class: Wizard

Paragon: TBD (likely Battle Mage)

Epic Destiny: To be so powerful i lock myself away from the rest of the world cause it's boring ;)

Total EXP: Unknown

Race: Eladrin

Size: M

Age: 24

Height 6'1

Weight: 130

Alignment: Good

Adventuring Company: [unnamed]

Initiative: 5

Defenses: AC: 15

               Fort: 12

               Ref:  15

               Will: 15 (20 vs charm effects)

Movement: 6

Senses: Low-Light vision

Passive Insight & Perception: 13

Ability Scores:  Str: 10  Mod: 0 Mod/lvl: 1

                     Con: 12 Mod: 1 Mod/lvl: 2

                     Dex: 18 Mod: 4 Mod/lvl: 5

                     Int: 18 Mod: 4 Mod/lvl: 5

                     Wis: 14 Mod: 2 Mod/lvl: 3

                     Cha: 10 Mod: 0 Mod/lvl: 1

HP: Max:32

      Bloodied: 16

      Surge value: 8

      Surges/day: 6

Race Features (pg 38): Bonus skill training (Eladrin Education)

                                 Eladrin Weapon Proficency (Prof Longsword)

                                 Fey Origin (i am a fey creature for typing purposes)

                                 Trance (when i sleep i need only 4 hours rest and rest in a medatative state aware of my surroundings)

                                Fey Step (Encounter – Personal - Move Action – Teleport up to 5 squares)

Class/Path/Destiny Features: Ghost Sound Pg 158

                                          Light Pg 158

                                          Mage Hand pg 158

                                          Prestidiggery-doo pg 159

Skills: Acrobatics: 5

         Arcana: 12

         Athletics: 1

         Bluff: 1

         Diplomacy: 6

         Dungeoneering: 8

         Endurance: 2

         Heal: 3

         History: 12

         Insight: 3

         Intimidate: 1

         Nature: 3

         Perception: 3

         Religion: 10

         Stealth: 5

         Streetwise: 1

         Thievery: 5

Languages known: Common, Elven

Feats: Burning Blizzard pg 194 (+1 until 11; 11-19 +2; 20 and up +3 to damage of all cold and acid powers)

          Expanded Spellbook pg 195 (One additional Daily attack spell per daily level achieved, must choose which to prepare)

          Ritual Caster

Rituals: Comprehend Languages pg 302

           Make Whole pg 309

           Tenser's Floating Disc Pg 312

Other Equipment:  Adventurer's kit

                           Pen and ink

                           Robes (wintry motiff)

                           Ritual Components

                          Spell book                        


At will: Ray of Frost pg 159

          Thunderwave pg159

Encounter: Force Orb pg 160

                Icy Rays pg 161

Daily: Acid Arrow pg 160

         Sleep pg 160

Utility: Shield pg 161


Journal: Session 5

Location: In the ruined Keep.

 I can't believe it. Since being forced to leave the Feywild I have had to unleash my magic to defend myself and my allies. I grew up looking up to the Wizards of the Spiral Tower, academics unlocking the secrets of magic using their power to defend themselves and exploring the deepest wells of magic Correllon granted my people. They were an inspiration to me, unlocking (or perhaps rediscovering) secrets of magic and using them for the benefit of all. Yet, since joining with my new comrades at arms i've discovered the rush, perhaps, the joys of battle. With a single thrust or sweep of my wand i can send those who oppose us half way to the Raven Queen and as i grow more capable, directly to her. The thrill and rush of combat make me question my presumed destiny, to join the order of the Wizards of the Spiral Tower. My mother's position affords me entry when i have have come of arcane age to lock myself in a tower of twighlight to distinguish myself in books that will turn to dust shortly after i do wielding the shimmering longsword gifted to us by Correllon. Perhaps there is another path meant for me, to become a legend. For my wrath and the path i carve through the darkness to carry my name through generation after generation long after my passing. This is a path i would not have known if not for my companions i sense they grow more capable as i do. Our fates intertwine and as eager as i am to discover the true path i am to tread… i wonder what fate has in store for those who walk beside me. It is my duty to protect them on their journey, for my path lies paralell to my own.


Unchained Nova